5 Panel
The five-panel is made with a flat or pinched front, making it the perfect construction for models with a printed front panel. The seamless design also makes it one of the easiest cap styles to decorate.

6 Panel
Our six-panel style is inspired by classic baseball caps and is as authentic as the game itself. Available in a wide range of profiles and fits, this traditional cap style is the go-to for both players and headwear enthusiasts.

7 Panel
Richardson’s unique, modern seven-panel style offers a large, seamless front panel with a curved top seam, creating a fashion-forward design that’s great for a wide variety of decorations.

Lightweight, 3D spacer mesh holds its shape without trapping heat, providing ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

Also called knit caps, Beanies are designed primarily for cold weather conditions but are also worn year-round. Clip labels and patches are the best decoration methods for this style.

The bill is located at the front of the cap and extends outward to provide shade from the sun. It is typically made from a material that maintains its shape and can be flat or curved, depending on the cap design.

Bill Rope
This trim detail found where the crown meets the bill is a homage to mid-century golf style. Available in a variety of designs, including braided and paracord, it’s a classic twist that brings vintage charm to modern headwear.

Our Brimmed styles are designed for maximum protection from the elements and feature a 360-degree brim. Available in both performance fabrics and natural materials like straw, these styles are well-suited for applique or patch decorations.

This stiffer material, fused behind a cap’s front panels, provides structure and shape, creating a crisp appearance and ensuring the cap retains its form over time.

A small, usually rounded part located at the top center of a cap’s crown, the button secures the point where the cap’s panels converge. Beyond its structural role, it can also be a decorative feature that complements a cap’s overall color design.

Comfort Stretch Sweatband
Our stretch-fit sweatband incorporates stretch fibers to simplify sizing and provide wearers with a comfortable fit all day, every day.

The upper part of a cap that covers the head, forming the main body. Typically composed of panels that are sewn together creating the shape and structure of the cap. The crown’s design, height, and construction are crucial in determining the cap’s overall style and fit.

These small holes, typically located around the crown, provide ventilation, allowing air to circulate and reducing heat buildup. They are usually reinforced with metal, stitched rings, or silicone and can serve as a subtle color hit to coordinate with the cap’s overall color design.

Flip-Up Stay
Positioned behind the front panel of a cap, the flip-up stay is commonly made from a stiff mesh material and helps add shape and structure to a cap.

Floatable caps - ideal for water-based activities - feature soft EVA foam in the bill or brim that allows the cap to float. This feature is especially valuable for activities like boating, fishing, or beach outings, providing peace of mind if your cap falls into the water.

Full Pro
Our Full Pro profile is an athletic shape that’s taller and wider than our Mid Pro, but with a lower crown height than our Hi Pro. This profile also has a deeper fit in the back panels compared to Mid Pro.

Hi Pro
The Hi Pro profile is our nod to classic baseball crown shapes. It features a deeper all-around fit with tall front panels.

Ignite LT
Available in both headwear and apparel, our lightest-weight fabric is a durable, woven polyester that stretches for improved fit and comfort while keeping athletes cool with Stay-Dri moisture management technology.

Laser Perforation
A testament to our dedication to style and functionality, these precise, cleanly-cut openings enhance breathability, merging precision craftsmanship with modern style.

Our lightest-weight fabric, Lite is woven with a subtle texture on its face for a modern, athletic look, while StayDri moisture management technology keeps you cool and dry.

Low Pro
Low Pro is our lower profile structured crown shape. Featuring buckram-lined front panels, this profile offers a more tailored fit.

Available in both headwear and apparel for a head-to-toe look, this pin-dot mesh is a ventilated fabric that stretches for an improved fit and features Stay-Dri moisture management to keep athletes cool by accelerating the natural evaporation process.

Mid Pro
Mid Pro is our most popular structured profile and is found across our product line, from performance baseball to the iconic 112. Over 50 years of cap-making experience has perfected this shape - not too high, not too low, just right.

No Button
Our No Button crown is designed to eliminate pressure points caused by ear protection used in shooting. By removing the traditional button at the top of the cap, this innovation offers a smoother fit under ear protection devices for enhanced comfort during prolonged use.

A lightweight foam construction in the bill allows caps to be folded and packed into a backpack and still come out wearable on the other side. These unstructured caps also allow for easy stowage without impacting shape.

Peach Brushing
A textile finishing process where the surface of the fabric is lightly abraded with brushes to create a soft, suede-like feel, reminiscent of the texture of a peach’s skin. This technique enhances the tactile quality of the fabric and adds a subtle, luxurious appearance.

Precurved bills are shipped factory-shaped with the perfect curve, meaning the cap is ready to wear with a natural, ergonomic fit that conforms to the shape of the wearer’s face, offering better sun protection and a classic look.

Pro Mesh
Pro Mesh is our durable, heavy-weight, knitted mesh that features bird-eye patterning to improve ventilation.

Pro Twill
Slightly stiffer and a bit heavier than our standard cotton twill, Pro Twill is designed to stand up to whatever the athlete can throw at it.

Our premium, on-field performance polyester is knitted for a clean, technical look that stretches to deliver a perfect fit, while Stay-Dri moisture management technology, wicks away sweat to keep players cool in the heat of the game.

R-Flex stretch in the sweatband and crown makes sizing simple, improving comfort and performance during long periods of wear.

Relaxed is our lowest profile, unstructured shape that fits closer to the head for a more casual look and feel.

Ripstop fabric is lightweight yet highly durable and characterized by its reinforced weave that prevents tears and rips, making it ideal for outdoor gear, workwear, and any application where fabric strength and durability are paramount.

Pro Twill
A contrasting strip of material is inserted along the edge of the cap’s bill between the top and under panels, adding a subtle yet distinct color pop to the cap and a dynamic way to customize your team’s look.

Sandwich Insert
A contrasting strip of material is inserted along the edge of the cap’s bill between the top and under panels, adding a subtle yet distinct color pop to the cap and a dynamic way to customize your team’s look.

This tightly knitted stretch mesh gives a clean, technical appearance with improved fit characteristics for advanced performance and comfort during all-day wear.

Standard Sweatband
Made from soft, durable cotton, our Standard sweatband provides all-day comfort while keeping sweat out of your eyes.

Stay-Dri Moisture Management
Breathable performance polyester wicks moisture away from the body to the outer area of the fabric to accelerate evaporation. Faster evaporation helps keep the fabric dry and light so the wearer stays ready for whatever comes next.

Stay-Dri Sweatband
Moisture-wicking technology where you need it most - the sweatband - to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

Designed to replicate the look and feel of traditional wool serge (once the standard textile used for making baseball caps) this performance-spun polyester features StayDri moisture management technology and impressive durability thanks to its woven construction.

Exclusive to the PTS line, this memory bill holds its shape so players can wear it curved, flat, or anywhere in between for a personalized look and improved protection from the glare of the sun.

The underside of a hat’s bill or brim. This area can be designed with various colors, patterns, or textures, distinct from the rest of the cap, adding an additional element of style. The underbill’s color and material can also reduce glare in sunny conditions.

UPF Protection
UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It’s a rating system that measures how much UV radiation a fabric blocks from the sun. The higher the UPF rating, the more UV radiation the fabric will block.

Visors are designed to shield the sun from your eyes while keeping your head cool. Smaller, simple decorations tend to work best on this style of headwear.

Water Repellent
A combination of tightly woven fabrics and hydrophobic treatments repels water to help keep you dry and protected from the elements.